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All Spec Decorative Film Solutions

All Spec Sun Control Information

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Window Film Solutions

AllSpec Safety /Security Window Film Solutions

Safety and Security Window Films for your Home or Business. Protect your family, Increase the security of your windows. Deter break-ins . Protect your property.

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3M Window Film Sun Control Film Solutions –

sun control film

Prestige Window Film Solutions:

  • 3M Window Film. Our sun control film is made with high technology with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your home
  • This 3M window film is designed not to change the appearance of your home
  • Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70% of the visible light through your windows
  • Our 3m sun control window film Rejects up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows
  • Our 3M window film reflectivity is actually lower than glass

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3m sun control window film

Night Vision Window Film Solutions:


  • Dual reflective technology provides daytime privacy while allowing easier viewing outside at night
  • Our 3M Window film Allows up to 35% of the visible light through your windows
  • This sun control window film rejects up to 71% of the heat coming through your windows
  • Additional tint provides excellent heat rejection and offers the best glare reduction

3M Window Film Solutions Night Vision

3M Thinsulate Window Film Solutions

3M ThinsulateWindow Film Solutions – Save Energy in the Summer and Colder Months. This 3M window film provides cooling savings as a sun control window film in summer and  and heating benefits in winter.